Pilates for Every Body 

Pilates with Jenna My classes 

Whether you are looking to improve posture, strengthen your core, increase flexibility or enhance sports performance I have classes to suit all levels. 
Classes Available – Online & Physical, see the timetable for details 

Traditional Mat Pilates 

45 minutes or 1-hour classes. Sometimes with small equipment. We concentrate on flow throughout the traditional Pilates exercises. All levels. 

Pilates HIIT 

30-40 minute classes 
of High-Intensity Pilates-based exercises, aimed at getting the heart rate up & into the fat-burning zone. More able bodies. 

Pilates LIIT 

30-40 minute classes 
of Low-Intensity Interval Training Pilates-based exercises, aimed at the less mobile, recovering from injury, postnatal. 

Stretch, DeStress & Meditation 

45-minute classes 
of Pilates, with extra stretch & breathing exercises. Ends with a 10-minute meditation. All levels. 

Mobility & Stretch 

10-15 minutes 
of mobility & stretch exercises, great for the start & end of the day, or to get you away from your desk! 


20-minute online-only classes 
focused on different areas of the body & different levels of ability. For example Abs, Back & Glutes. 

Pilates for sports people 

Pilates courses for golfers and athletes to help improve their game. 

Pilates for Seniors 

Gentle-flowing mat Pilates aimed at the older client. 
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